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Acronis True Image Home 2012 v15 0 7133

pelicula Acronis True Image Home 2012 v15 0 7133

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Programas Acronis True Image Home 2012 v15 0 7133

Datos Técnicos
Acronis True Image Home 2012 v15.0.7133 Final
English | Spanish | | 223 MB | Setup + Bootable Disc + Plus Pack | Win XP/Vista/7
Copia de seguridad y recuperación fiable y rápido y compatibilidad con Microsoft Windows 7

Con Acronis True Image Home, puede estar seguro de que todos los datos importantes, incluidas las imágenes, música, documentos y aplicaciones, están protegidos y pueden recuperarse fácilmente en caso de catástrofe.

Copia de seguridad y recuperación fácil y rápida
Acronis True Image Home ofrece a los usuarios domésticos un sistema de copia de seguridad y recuperación de su sistema operativo, aplicaciones, configuraciones y archivos personales que es fiable e fiable y rápido.

Interfaz de usuario de estilo Windows® fácil de utilizar
Con una interfaz gráfica intuitiva, puede definir fácilmente dónde (localmente o en línea) y con qué frecuencia se realizará una copia de seguridad de un PC de acuerdo a sus necesidades.

Protección continua de datos
Además, Acronis Nonstop Backup™ ofrece protección continua de sistemas y datos, que impide la pérdida de éstos.

Requerimientos del Sistema
Sistemas operativos compatibles

Windows 7 (todas las ediciones)
Windows Vista (todas las ediciones) SP2
Windows XP Home Edition (X32, SP3)
Windows XP Professional (X32/X64, SP2)

Requisitos mínimos del sistema

Procesador Pentium 1 GHz o más rápido
512 MB de RAM
Unidad CD-RW/DVD-RW para la creación de medios de inicio
Utilizar Acronis Nonstop Backup requiere como mínimo 1 GB de RAM.
Ratón u otro dispositivo de puntero (recomendado).
Conexión a Internet de alta velocidad (para su uso con Acronis Online Backup™)

Sistemas de archivos compatibles

Linux SWAP

Dispositivos de almacenamiento compatibles

Unidades de disco duro
Dispositivos de almacenamiento en red
Servidores FTP
ZIP®, Jaz® y otros dispositivos extraíbles
Unidades PATA (IDE), SATA, SCSI, SAS, IEEE1394 (Firewire), USB1/2.0/3.0
La compatibilidad con discos dinámicos de Windows y volúmenes GPT está disponible con el módulo complementario Plus Pack. Consulte este artículo de la Base de conocimientos para ver más detalles

Cambios Recientes
Release Notes for Acronis True Image Home 2012 Update 2.1
List of issues fixed since the previous build (7119)


Installation fails if specific Windows Control Panel registry key is missing


Backup fails if Nero Scout utility (part of Nero 7) folder was selected for backup.

Other fixes

TrueImage.exe crashes after the program start if it was updated from previous build.
TrueImage.exe crashes after the program if it was installed on the machine along with other Acronis software
TrueImage.exe crashes after the program start if the system has been cloned to an SSD disk.
TrueImage.exe hangs after the program start if Bitlocker-encrypted partition exists in the system
Connection to a remote server is lost periodically after Acronis Online Backup trial period has expired.
E-mail notification settings are not displayed in GUI when backup plan is being edited.
Acronis True Image Home console may hang if Nero Scout utility (part of Nero 7) is installed.

List of issues fixed since the previous build (6154)


A backup version disappears from a timeline after updating from Acronis True Image Home 2011.
Acronis Media Add-on cannot be updated. Also, a custom installation during update is not allowed.
The Activate the product automatically checkbox is shown when a trial key is entered.
A custom product installation for different users has been added. Now the software detects which users need Acronis True Image Home to be upgraded.
A product installation to a custom path containing Unicode symbols fails.
The product installation occasionally fails with error 1603 because of Virtual Disk Driver issues.
After updating Acronis True Image Home, it occasionally crashed after editing and saving a disk backup task created using a previous stable build.
An Acronis True Image Home serial number is not displayed in the Help – About window if Acronis True Image Home 2012 Plus Pack is installed.


NAS is not available as a location for reserve copies of backups.
Cannot save changes for E-mail backup options if scheduling is turned on (for E-mail backup task).
Editing an E-mail backup name fails.
An error appears when the user runs an E-mail backup task edited it while Microsoft Outlook is on.
The Windows Start button disappears after creating a file backup.
An unused Backup comment option appears in FileDisk recovery options windows.
The multiple partition selection appears incorrectly in the Edit backup settings.
Acronis True Image Home crashes while browsing for a backup that contains a deleted folder in one of the slices.
A NAS icon is missing in the Browse for backup window.
Acronis True Image Home task hangs for 2 minutes when the user is trying to start a backup task with an unavailable destination location.
Impossible to validate a backup if it is not the last one in a backup chain. Now the entire backup chain is validated when any of its backups is selected for validation.
The product deletes an existing backup when starting a new backup task to a reconnected drive and hitting the Retry button.
A backup archive name is not changed after editing a task.
Removed the possibility of backing up to an empty USB card reader that resulted in an error.
The program crashes after closing the Disk Backup window which appears after selecting Back up in the popup menu in My Computer.
Deleting a backup version in a Nonstop Backup time line fails when the location is full.
Fails to save an edited backup task to a new shared folder location. An incorrect error message appears (“Failed to open information…”).


The Show MBR menu is active while recovering a GPT disk.
Logical partition type appears in a drop-down list when specifying the partition properties while restoring an MBR partition to a GPT disk.
Wrong backup is deleted when user deletes a backup version from Explore and Restore wizard.
Restore of a Nonstop Backup archive from an external USB storage fails.
A “Recovering…” operation progress is shown incorrectly while adding a new disk.
Overwrite file options have been removed from Disk Recovery options because they are not applicable for disk archives.
Recovering data from an encrypted box fails with the error “Cannot open the encrypted stream” in logs.
An unnecessary option of excluding files by mask in disk recovery options has been removed.

Online Backup & Synchronization

Information about an online backup size is updated only after the program relaunch or uninstallation.
A network load has been reduced during synchronization.
Acronis Online Backup: file deletion from the product interface does not produce an operation log.
Restoring deleted files from the Online Backup sometimes failed if many slices had been created after the deletion.

Bootable Media

Removing Acronis Media Builder via Modify option fails, and Media Builder remains installed.
Browse for location window in the Backup wizard contains the CD-RW drive twice.
A warning appears even when correct credentials for NAS are specified.
A bootable media rebooted after restoring from a nonstop backup storage.


Activating Try&Decide with a system partition selected as both a protected partition and as a storage for virtual changes resulted in a BSoD (for virtual machines only).
Try&Decide corrupts some settings (for example, Mozilla Firefox settings) after discarding changes.


TrueImageService.exe sometimes hangs when shutting down a computer.
The Acronis SnapAPI module, TIMounter and Try&Decide drivers have been updated.
Fixed several issues concerning syncagentsrv.exe, TrueImageMonitor.exe, TrueImage.exe, TrueImageHomeService.exe, and ti_managers_proxy.dll crashes, that have been detected through the Windows Error Report system.

Error handling

Error handling during the product installation has been improved.
Sometimes, a “Failed to run now: task is already running” error message appears incorrectly instead of running a task.
Acronis System Report has been improved. It now includes a list of UEFI variables on UEFI-based operating systems.
An error message appears when trying to delete an unavailable backup from Acronis True Image Home.
Now the correct warning appears when an operation is canceled (by user or by timeout).
A false “No Windows libraries” warning appears in the log of Windows operating systems that do not support Windows libraries.

User documentation

Help and User Guide have been updated according to changes in Acronis True Image Home Update 2.

Other fixes

Certain cards cannot be properly detected through card readers.
The Notifications tray still appears after disabling notifications in the Windows tray options.
Notifications about a task failure are not sent through certain SMTP servers.
A disk layout is not shown when selecting this disk in the Disk Management wizard.
Acronis True Image Home hangs after deleting all logs from an event log window.
When WMI works incorrectly, an activation loop: “Hardware ID has been changed” appears after every reboot.
Opening network folders from file dialogues has been improved: unnecessary authentication windows do not appear.
Certain USB drives (e.g., Patriot flash drives) are not detected properly under Windows operating systems.
The Failed to send e-mail notification warning is shown in Log for Add New Disk and Create Acronis Secure Zone operations.
Default settings of an archive validation have been removed to prevent the operating system from hanging at the “Operation is in progress” stage during shutdown.
The Operation start delay option does not work if a task is scheduled on an event – system startup.
A task scheduled to start when a computer is idle instead starts on a computer shutdown or reboot with the message “Operations are in progress”.
An error appears when trying to start Acronis True Image Home 2012 while Scheduler is stopped and there is a scheduled task.
Now the program can check if a destination path is available while editing a task. If the path is not available, an appropriate warning appears.
Incorrect Learn more about Acronis Disk Director link in the Partition Properties window.

List of known issues

Updating from Acronis True Image Home (build 6154) to Acronis True Image Home 2012 Update 2.1 may require a computer reboot, because Windows Explorer blocks updating certain components.